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What next for SuperLeague Europe?

So after the biggest decision in years what is next for Super League in Europe?

After the meeting today the chairmen of the Superleague clubs have decided that at the end of the year 2 teams will be relegated and next season will start with 2 leagues of 12. After the 23 rounds (playing everybody home and away and the regular Magic weekend) the leagues will be split into 3 leagues of 8, to decide the SL champions and promotion and relegation. 

Traditionalists will undoubtedly be unhappy but something needed to be done because of the number of one sided games over the last couple of seasons. The threat of relegation for 2 clubs will surely make matches extremely tense, especially come the end of the season when traditionally some games have been dead rubbers. 

Come 2015, the 3 leagues of 8 will surely see great games with teams playing teams with similar ability and form. Throw in the promotion and relegation aspect and this could be a master stroke. But it's not all positive, the opportunity of youth progressing in these high pressure games will be less likely and coaches will under extreme pressure to gamble with the inconsistency of youth. 
Throw in the rumours of Toulouse applying for Superleague in 2015 and it looks as though some Chairmen will be very nervous to say the very least.

Love it or hate it, and with the I's to be dotted and T's to be crossed everybody body in Superleague realized something needed to be done for the good of the game and only time will tell if this is the right move. 

Watch this space, it's going to be interesting at least.