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The Importance of Athlete Welfare

Map Sports Academy Sutherland 2014

For elite athletes, much of their focus and for those close to them is about on-field performance. Through hours of disciplined training they hone their skills and abilities to become their team’s game-changer, and to reach the pinnacle of their sport. But while dedication to training and on-field performance is crucial for any high profile athlete, so is their off-field environment. For many players, especially those who are young and developing, the correct environment is vitally important to ensure on field success. While it is often overlooked by some, athlete welfare is becoming an increasing important part of modern sport.


What is Athlete Welfare?

Athlete welfare involves creating a safe environment for athletes while competing and training for their sport, as well as ensuring their safety and well-being away from the game. While some of this is dictated and controlled by an athlete’s club or coach, support networks can also play an important role. For many elite athletes following their dream can involve moving far from home and family and friends. Having a dedicated support network is vitally important for any athlete, especially those who are still young and new to elite sport. This support network can help guide, advise and lend a reassuring ear to an athlete as they pass through difficult moments both on and off the field. Support networks can be made up of coaches, managers, mentors, other high profile athletes or even trained professionals such as counsellors.


A Pro-active Approach

But athlete welfare is not only for when things go wrong. It can also be pro-active in helping an athlete achieve success in their sport and in life. Support networks can be used to provide advice on improving sport specific or general life skills. Increasingly, life away from the sporting field is becoming a larger part of athlete welfare. For many athletes gaining a tertiary education, learning a trade, or obtaining coaching qualifications is an important element of their career path as they plan for life after sport. However it is essential to have a structured plan around education to ensure a healthy balance with playing and training requirements. Here at Map Sports we take a holistic approach to the management of our represented athletes’ careers, both on and off the field. We provide all athletes with general advice and mentoring throughout their careers to help them to achieve their goals. Map Sports also works with their athletes to ensure they receive the best financial and legal advice and can help to develop a plan for life after sport. If you would like to learn more about how Map Sports can help you through their holistic approach to elite athlete representation contact