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Life after Sport - Using Your Name to Build Your Next Career

Life After Sport

Being elite athletes, the focus for many Rugby League players may not be beyond the next weekend’s match. While it is important to remain disciplined in your approach to the game, it is also smart to keep one eye on the future and begin planning for your life after sport. In this post we will look at some of the career opportunities which may be available once you hang up the boots.

The high profile nature of Rugby League, combined with salaries much higher than the average 18-30 year old receives, creates unique opportunities for players on retirement. However, it is important to understand that these opportunities do not come easily. Just like playing requires discipline, skill, and the right team to succeed, life after rugby league needs a solid game plan to maximise your earning potential.

Whether it’s starting your own business, becoming a media personality, or becoming involved with clubs or players in a different capacity, there are many different ways to use you profile to build your post-sport business.


Examples of Post Rugby League Careers

Former players are highly regarded and sought after by many media channels. Whether it is television, radio, print or online, the in-depth knowledge, analysis and opinions that former players can provide are invaluable to media outlets. So too is the “star power” and credibility which former players bring to coverage of the game – especially if they have an engaging personality and a good reputation.

Small or Medium Businesses
It is estimated that for 30-40% of players, retirement from playing means opening a small or medium sized business. Leveraging your sport career for business brand development involves using your existing strong profile in the community as a means of gaining brand recognition and customers, or even free publicity.

Research has shown that celebrity endorsement increases the likelihood of a consumer trusting a brand. By attaching an endorsement or even using your name in a business brand, it is more likely that consumers will trust your business over your competitors.

Players with large online profile followings also have immediate access to a range of already engaged potential customers at the click of a button. Highly engaged customers who are happy and satisfied with a business may also become “brand ambassadors” who will spread the word of your business to family and friends.

Off-Field Sports Involvement
There are also many opportunities to stay involved with the game by applying your skills and knowledge to a range of off-field roles. Whether it is coaching, administration, or marketing, Rugby League clubs have a host of different roles in which players can grow careers in the business of Rugby League.

Former players – particularly those with a high profile – can also take up mentoring roles with younger players who are beginning their careers. Guiding a young player by providing advice and a supporting ear can not only be helpful for the younger player, but a satisfying a rewarding job for you as well.

Map Sports has an extensive list of industry contacts, and we are experts in post-career planning. So whether you wish to be in the media, start your own business, or remain in the game in another capacity, Map Sports can help you begin planning for life after Rugby League and guide you every step of the way.

If you would like to take you first steps towards launching your post-football career, we invite you contact Map Sports. Andrew Purcell at