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Placing You in the Right Environment to Succeed

Map Sports-Placing You In The Right Environment To Succeed

There comes a stage in the career of many young athletes where they are faced with a decision that can be truly life changing. As sport continues to become more and more global, and domestic sports spread across the country, it is almost a given that a large percentage of elite athletes will spend at least some of their career in a different city to their home town.

For some this is seen as a great adventure, but for many – especially young athletes – the prospect of moving to a foreign landscape can be very daunting.

However it is possible to make this transition as smooth as possible, allowing you to settle quickly into your new environment and get down to the business of getting results on the field.

Moving Away From Home

Rugby league in particular has a long history of players from country areas moving to the big city hubs to test their skills as a professional footballer. While there are clubs based in regional areas such as Canberra, Newcastle and Wollongong, the vast majority of players will find a home one of Australia’s largest cities.

The Role of Professional Sports Managers

While it may sometimes seem like player agents simply sign players to the club that makes the biggest offer, there is much more to the process than meets the eye.

Two of the most understated roles of a player manager are that of knowing where to best place their athlete, and also in setting up an environment in which the athlete feels comfortable and has the best chance of on-field success.

A player manager who takes a wholistic approach to their players’ career will know the club and environment which best suits the individual player. This may be placing the player closer to home and family, having them in a smaller city with less media spotlight, or with a club with a more family oriented approach and feel.

Player managers can also help a young player settle into their new environment by helping to establish support networks. Moving not only to a new city, but also into a professional sporting environment is a highly stressful situation for any individual. Having a network of mentors to lean on for advice or provide a lending ear and be invaluable, as can professional support services such as counsellors and psychologists.

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