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The Rise of the Business of Sport

Never before has sport been a larger business than today. The rise of broadcasting technology has allowed sports to be beamed into literally millions of households around the globe. These increasingly large audiences bring with them advertisers desperate to reach potential customers, who through sport sponsorship and advertising have turned sport into a global business among the largest industries in the world.

In their annual list of the most valuable sporting teams in the world for 2014, Forbes Magazine valued Spanish football club Real Madrid as the most valuable at a staggering $3.44 billion. To put that in perspective, Real would easily be in the top 100 most valuable companies in Australia, while all 50 teams on the list would be in the ASX200.

Sport Business in Australia

While it’s easy to see how teams from around the world in leagues such as the English Premier League and America’s National Football League can be valued at billions of dollars, even in Australia professional sport is big business. Australia’s only publicly listed sporting team, the Brisbane Broncos, are currently valued at $27m and are only one of the many teams who compete in Australia’s many professional sporting competitions such as the NRL.

As the professionalism and product on the field has increased, so has the business side of sport off the field. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), more than 95,000 people are employed in sport and recreation in Australia as well as thousands more in industries that rely on sport such as broadcasting and hospitality.

Included among these many employees are those involved in sports marketing.

With sport’s growth as a business and as an entertainment option, sports marketing has become more important than ever. With fierce competition for sporting sponsorship dollars, as well as the need to engage with fans in a crowded market, strong sports marketing can be the difference between two teams at the end of a match.

Sports Branding

To help attract and retain fans and sponsors it is vital for all clubs, regardless of their size or age, to have an effective branding strategy. A branding strategy ensures that a club is represented to their target audiences in a positive light, and is an attractive proposition for sponsors and fans alike. A branding strategy encompasses many aspects including digital brand management of the club’s online properties, and reputation management to ensure positive stories are prominent about the club.

Map Sports know about sports marketing from players’, teams’, clubs’ and business perspectives, and we help clubs to maximise their earning potential through

* sponsorship,
* players’ contracts,
* brand management,
* marketing, and
* digital brand management.


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