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Drugs in NRL

As we move into the second week of the NRL premiership it appears we are in the middle of a government started and media driven scandal that is threatening the livelihoods of several high profile people within the game.

To fully understand the position taken by the game and the government we need to look at the key facts. 

FACT - As it stands we dont have a record of a failed drug test. In the past we have had players who have tested positive to banned substances and have been given the appropriate sentences.
FACT - We have an objective testimony from a trainer who admitted admistering a substance that, at the time of providing it, it was not on the banned WADA/ASDA list.

Every other action around this case surrounds the application of these facts individually or the combination of such, and any fallout is based on the involvement of a third party who has also declared the substances administered were not banned.

Since the story broke by a hyperboilic and insatiable media fresh off the crumbling affairs of Ben Barba we have had 2 weeks of innuendo and PR driven reaction. We have had a coach and staff wrongly removed by ill informed senior staff who have since admitted their mistake and fallen on their sword. We have had government agencies negotiating with Agents and players to confess to taking illlegal substances in return for full pay and extended contracts. We have had journalists spending 12 days on the case only to update us to the possible involvement of the 'Gazelle' as if the story has taken on some underground resistence status.  

I am all for reporting fact, and I agree 100% that people that use noted perfomance enhancing drugs need to be prosecuted according to the punishment set by governing bodies.
What I am not all for is an inept government announcement that releases the media hounds on a relentless chase of bugger all that results in nothing except the unfortunate collateral damage that can come out of these arrangements, like staff members and their families being p[ut at risk to sell papers and save fat cats jobs.