Map Sports

Domestic playing contract

With extensive relationships with NRL recruitment managers, NRL Coaches, NRL Team Managers, NRL Talent Identification Agents and NRL Club Senior Management, Map Sports is ideally positioned to not only source the best commercial deal for you at the time but is also positioned to assist in understand what is best for the athletes welfare as well. Ensuring maximisation in areas of education and training, whether tertiary or vocational, Map Sports understands that athletes need to maintain a focus with activities away from their sport to ensure a strong balance is maintained in their career.

Overseas playing contract

The United Kingdom’s Rugby League structure has multiple levels of professional and semi professional leagues which provide rugby league players the opportunity to play rugby league. Having an accredited player agent like Map Sports negotiate your contract overseas will give you peace of mind knowing that not only do they understand what is available to players and their families via the contract, but that the principle of the business has actually experienced the environment from a rugby league players perspective. Map Sports representatives and advisors have strong relationships and frequent communication with Super Rugby League recruitment managers, Super Rugby League coaches, Super Rugby League team managers, Super Rugby League talent identification agents and Super Rugby League club Senior Management through working relationships at all levels from playing through to Senior management. It is this experience that best positions Map Sports athletes in preparation for life abroad.