Map Sports

General career advice

The commercial component of an NRL Player Agent’s role is extremely important, and so is the ability for the manager to empathise with the athlete through all levels of the player’s career. All rugby league players experience trials and tribulations in their quest to achieve their goals. Issues with selection, injuries, home sickness, equipment, relationships and exit strategies can cause a player destabilising amounts of anxiety. With Map Sports Management Executive having experienced Rugby League at professional levels in both the NRL and the UK Super League, clients have access to hands on real life experiences and processes and structures on how to deal with issues that may arise.

Post playing career planning

Rugby League careers are not statistically long ones so having a strong exit strategy in place from early on can be critical. Map Sports ensure athletes work closely with club welfare and education officers in maintaining best method practices in relation to their education and training away from Rugby League.

Assessing relevant financial, legal and accounting advice

Having access to the best information in the market place to protect players financial positions and futures is imperative. As athletes salaries and benefits increase Map Sports work with their clients in ensuring they meet with independent advisors, giving its clients complete autonomy and control over their affairs in these areas.

Domestic or International playing contract

Whether it's the UK, Europe or Australia, Rugby League structure has multiple levels of professional and semi professional leagues which provide rugby league players the opportunity to play rugby league. Having an accredited Management Agency like Map Sports, with offices in both Australia and the UK negotiate your contract will give you peace of mind knowing that not only do they understand what is available to players and their families via the contract, but that the Executives within the business has actually experienced the environment from a rugby league players perspective. Map Sports has strong relationships and frequent communication with recruitment managers, coaches,  team managers, talent identification agents and club Senior Management both domestically and abroad through working relationships at all levels from playing through to Senior management. It is this experience that best positions Map Sports athletes in preparation for life abroad.

Sourcing media and appearance opportunities

Media play an ever increasing role in NRL player’s career as their opinions are sought and their thoughts used for analysis. As an NRL & Super League players profile lifts throughout his career then his value to prospective endorsees increases. With Map Sports NRL and Super League management experience they assist their athletes in the role they play in the media and use extensive networks and contacts in providing opportunities for its athletes.

Sponsorship/TPA procurement

In today’s fast moving environment it is important your Agent understands what the athletes core brand values are and where synergies apply. Having the profile for a brand to leverage is important and your manager should look to take advantage of those opportunities where applicable. Whilst sponsorship has suffered in the current economic climate, having an Agent spend time sourcing these opportunities is still important. Map Sports have the understanding and relationships in the market place to source sponsorship opportunities for its profile athletes.


The window of opportunity to progress through the ranks of elite youth programs in the UK and Australia is extremely limited and the need to ensure you are recieving the correct advice on your game has never been more critical. Having experienced the game at all levels, on either side of the world, Map Sports is best suited to ensure your recieving the information you require to take your game to the next level.