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Upon retirement from your professional careers as an elite athlete you may transition into a ‘life after sport’ where it will be necessary to have an established online presence. Whether it is to become a media personality or small business owner, having a digital brand is vital for you to connect with customers and fans – and maximise potential earnings.


What is Digital Brand Management?

Digital Brand Management involves having a coordinated and strategic approach to an athlete’s personal and/or business presence online. When managed well, it ensures consistent branding and message across all online properties, and provides engaging and relevant content to your audience, ideally driving traffic to a single “home base” website.

When you consider that your digital presence can include all of your online profiles (on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn, and content platforms such as YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr… the list continues to grow!), it becomes obvious that managing consistency of message can be challenging.


What Digital Brand Management services does Map Sports Offer?

At Map Sports we tailor these services to the individual. While more high profile clients have a wide digital presence, others might just have a website and a Facebook page. Regardless, from the initial strategy development, ongoing maintenance to guidance and training, Map Sports provides a holistic approach to your Digital Brand Management.


Our services include:

* Establishment of optimised digital properties, including online profiles and content platforms
* Strategic planning and branding for all digital properties to ensure consistent branding and professional messaging
* Guidance and training on how to effectively use digital properties and remain on brand and message
* Ongoing monitoring and maintenance of digital properties
* Regular reporting and analysis of digital property analytics


What is the best Digital Brand Management approach for me?

We know that there is rarely a one-size-fits-all solution, as each athlete and business has different and unique requirements. Map Sports provide custom packages for you to ensure that the most effective strategies are put in place to engage customers and drive online traffic.

Map Sports can also work closely with your existing digital properties, where this is permitted by your business or employer.

Regardless of your situation, Map Sports will identify potential opportunities online, help establish a strong digital brand strategy, and guide you every step of the way.


To learn more about how Map Sports can help you maximise your life after sport earnings with a custom Digital Brand Management Strategy contact or
phone + 61 2 8705 5464.


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